U.S. Custom and Border Protection at Boise Airport

At Boise Airport, U.S. Custom and Border Protection, CBP, controls, and monitors all newly arriving passengers on their entry to the United States. Passport Control and Identification clearance, last approximately 10 minutes if everything is in order. Passengers need to show Visa, Passport, Immigration, or Federal state-issued documentation, which is required to cross the border.

Baggage Claim and Meeting Point areas at Boise Airport

The baggage claim area houses information booths, rental car counters, and to/from airport transportation options. Baggage Carts and SmarteCarte services are available in the baggage claim area. After the baggage claim, passengers need to move to the meeting point or ext areas. There are signs designated throughout the terminal, to help arrivals quickly get the right route in the BOI airport.


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