Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Security Procedures at BOI

TSA checks and ensures the safety of the traveling public at Boise Airport. Security screening procedures take approximately 10 minutes for each passenger. TSA officers remind passengers to remove all items, such as jackets, belts, shoes, coats, as well as objects from the pockets, for instance, purse, cell phone, coins, etc. Belongings should be placed in a tray for X-ray screening. Electronic devices should be removed from the carry-on bag and put on a separate bin for checking. Meanwhile, passengers have to go under the body scanner machine and patiently wait for their checked belongings.

Legal Documents / Real ID / Driver’s License / Star Card

Passengers at Boise Airport, who are traveling within the United States, should present state-issued valid I.D. with photo. TSA does not require children aged under 18 to show any form of I.D. However, passengers aged 18 and older, will be required to show a passport, driver's license, permit cards, or other acceptable proper documents.

BOI air travelers will be required to present a Real ID-compliant to driver's license, from the beginning of October 1, 2020. Be aware that, Real ID must contain a star on the top of the right corner, which proves the validity of the document.

The Star Card is an Idaho's Real ID-compliant to driver's license that will be required at Boise Airport from 2020. Passengers need to have Star Card, or passport, to be allowed to fly commercially via BOI, or to gain access to a federal facility, military base, or national laboratory.

BOI Security Checkpoints and Departure Time

The BOI is open 24-hours per day, and seven days a week. The TSA security checkpoint is free one hour before the day's first departure flight and closes after the final scheduled departure. Passengers need to be attentive, as the TSA security opening hours, as well as the boarding time, will be forecasted throughout the terminal.

The Boise airport highly recommends air travelers to arrive at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure flight. Besides, passengers should contact their airlines to check the exact time for check-in and boarding procedures.


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