BOI Economy Parking Lot

The Economy Shuttle Lot is located at Orchard and Victory (Address: 5600 W. Victory Road).

Airport Shuttle buses are also available for passengers' pick-up and drop-off between the terminal and parking garage areas. Buses run approximately every 15-minutes and work daily throughout the week.

BOI Long-term Surface Lot / Central & West Garages

At Boise Airport Long-term parking lot is available through the Airport main road. Long-term parking lots occupy 2-4 levels from the whole parking facility. The Long-term central garage is located directly from the passenger terminal via Sky bridge.

Another option for parking is the Long-term west garage, which is located right behind the short-term lot. The west, long-term parking garage was recently renovated and extended. From the Airport main road, there is a direct way to the parking garage. The Long-term surface lot is located behind the long-term parking garage.

BOI Short-term Parking

The Short-term parking lot is situated right across from the main passenger terminal.

BOI Parking Rates

BOI Payment Methods

Self-Pay Parking System is available at the entrance hall of the parking facility. Customers should insert a credit card to capture the time and date of the entry to the parking garage. At the exit, customers should use the same credit card at Express Park, and then the exit gate will automatically open.

Parking Ticket System is accessible at the entrance of the garage. Customers on their entry to the lot should take a ticket. At the exit, the printed ticket should be inserted, followed by a credit card, and then the exit gate will open.

BOI Airport provides parking assistance. The service is available to process payments in cash too. In the parking garage lobbies, on the 1stand 2ndfloors, there is a Pay-on-foot location for handling the parking pay.

BOI Accessible Parking

At Boise airport, the accessible parking garage is also available in all parking spaces. BOI offers a discount to passengers with special needs and disabilities. In the short-term lot, parking price is 23$ per day; the Long-term is 10$ daily, and in the garage, it is 13$ per day. Customers using the accessible parking space must present placard to the parking staff or cashier when exiting the lot. Parking staff will help with the discount process.

BOI Cell Phone Waiting Lot

Boise airport provides Cell Phone Waiting Lot, for those who have to pick-up arriving passengers from the BOI. The service is free, with no charges. Vehicle drivers are required to stay and remain in the car until receiving the pick-up call. Unattended vehicles will be the subject of tow.


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